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Typing with Stereos


Stereotyping? How do you type with a stereo? Good luck with that!

Everybody has heard that lecture before about not judging a book by its cover and keeping your mind open when dealing with people who are different from you. It’s a pretty good policy to not judge… but we are human beings and as such we are very judgmental creatures. As such, I personally don’t believe that it is possible to not judge. We simply judge things in three ways; we judge positively, negatively, and neutrally.

Me, I love it when people come into my store wearing beautifully intricate middle-eastern dresses or speaking in thick accents. I get excited and, if they are open to conversation, we can talk about cultural differences. That’s a positive judgement – I think different cultures are cool. Also, I think floors in general are disgusting. That’s a negative judgement backed up by the fact that we walk on them, tracking in dirt and dust from outside so even if you clean the floor regularly, it doesn’t stay clean for long.

Judging neutrally, though, is the realization that your initial judgement may be wrong and you are keeping your mind open to changing your mind. For years I bought into the hype that the women’s restroom was always cleaner than the men’s room. Now that the task of cleaning the bathrooms at work has fallen to me on occasion, I can safely say that this is so totally not the case! Sure, the men can never seem to get the paper towels into one of the two trash cans, and occasionally they forget to flush the toilet (or aim at the toilet) but more often than not they do not bring their evil little children into the bathroom to destroy it with toilet paper and mud. Also, they seem to be better at getting poopy diapers into the trash cans. They also tend to use less toilet paper overall. I even remember that in middle school they closed the girl’s bathroom because it had been destroyed, but the boy’s room was left intact. In the end, men and women treat public restrooms equally bad. My mind = changed.

And, yes, this blog was a bit of an excuse to complain about having to clean bathrooms (no fun, no matter how you look at it), but it also served to state that it’s really okay to judge. I’ll judge you, and you’ll judge me back. But I’m willing to bet that there’s more to you than I’m currently aware, so I’ll keep my mind open about you and readily change my mind when evidence proves me wrong.


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