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Things People Should Know About the Nook


I love Barnes & Noble a lot for many things – all of those many things are the books the new books they have on hand for me to buy. I love real books, preferably mass market paperbacks that fit in my pocket, but if there is an author I really like (Anne Bishop!) I will go for a hardcover if it’s all they have. I’m a bit of a bibliophile, so in working there most of my paycheck every week seems to go back to the company (BTW, this blog is totally not sanctioned by B&N, and everything I say here is of my own personal opinion and is not representative of B&N in any way, shape, or form, though I doubt they would mind since I’m essentially plugging one of their products, anyway).

The thing I don’t like about B&N, though, is that they are not suitably advertising their Nooks. Unless somebody stumbles upon B& or wanders into our store at some point and buys something, they are not subjected to any advertising. Once they do wander in, though, then they find out about our Nooks, the Nook App, our Cafes, sales, etc. etc. etc. I know this because 1) I am the perfect demographic to receive online advertisements for the Nook, and I have not seen a single ad on Facebook or anywhere, and 2) I had an argument with a fellow student in one of my MBA classes about the Nook, because she thought that the only good reading device was the Kindle.

At the time (about a year and a half ago) I still only had my Nook Color, which was the third generation of Nook. So… the technology for that was very outdated, but it still worked and I loved it. I recently got the Samsung Tab 4 Nook 7″ and man is this thing awesome! It’s basically an Android tablet with a primary function designed to make reading e-books easy. I have an easy-to-see calendar, email, instant access to the nook shop, access to apps, I can take photos, watch Netflix and Hulu,¬†and it comes with a Dropbox. The touchscreen is nice and sensitive and it has really good picture quality. And, I have to admit, when I’m dog sitting for weeks on end it’s always nice to have several books on once device that packs easily.

But, here is the really cool selling point: Nook has consistently been just as good of an e-reader as the Kindle, and it has consistently cost a good $100 less than a Kindle of equivalent size and quality. Seriously, B&N, people should know about this! ESPECIALLY people who don’t go into our stores! Marketing 101!

P.S. Right now Barnes & Noble is have their Pop Cultured events, along with Throwback Thursdays. Last night we had an awesome 1950s evening in Natomas where we did hula-hooping and taught some 1950s style dances! Next week is 1960s night, so come on by if only to see our staff dressed up in period costumes!


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