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Workout Hacks I Recently Discovered!


I’ve been working on my goal of losing 30 lbs by August – not going to happen, but I’m still plugging away – and some things have gotten in my way.

Mostly, I really don’t have the space or equipment for regular strength training, nor do I have the clothes. Regardless, the music I put on in the background totally helps or hurts my workout. Lady Gaga, Pink, Evanescence, Linking Park, Nickelback… Anything angry or Feminist a has a good beat and drive. Even Disney! Sister Hazel, HMS Pinafore (or other opera) or 5 for Fighting not so much, even though I enjoy them at other times.

For space… Vacuum the kitty litter, move the chair out of the room (and maybe the cat box too) and drag in a yoga mat. If you can fit a person-sized mat, you can fit a person.

I don’t have dumbbells that shift weight as easily as I need them to, and bringing them to houses where I sit is heavy and awkward. So… I use booze bottles! 750 mls is a good weight for me, but on some things a full litre is more appropriate. And, it weighs more than soup cans while being more weildly than milk gallons!

Even though things aren’t going as well as I had hoped, they are still going! And I hope to make this a permanent thing! What weird thing do you do to keep on track???

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