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I Feel Vindicated About Milk


I’ve kind of been anti-milk ever since I was six and we realized that I’m allergic to the stuff. I get phlegmy, stuffy, and my nose bleeds. Apparently that’s an odd reaction to dairy considering most dairy intolerances involve not being able to digest it and result in stomach aches. But hey, I aim to be different. Either way, since I stopped drinking cow’s milk I’ve lost the taste for it.

Then, when I was 15 my biology teacher mentioned that he didn’t like milk. When my lab partner and a few others got completely outraged about it, Mr. Z explained that the calcium in cow’s milk is too delicate and our adult systems break it down before we can absorb it. He went on to say that he liked a lot of dairy products like ice cream and yogurt, but he felt absolutely no desire or need to drink milk. I’ve heard similar things over the years, but now I’ve found a book about it!

Okay, so I haven’t found the book yet because I’m not entirely sure if it has been published yet. I did find an interview with the book’s author floating around on Facebook. One of the things it mentioned is that two tablespoons of dried, crushed basil is the same in calcium as an 8oz glass of milk. I love basil and cook with it all the time! Basil also helps to control blood sugar levels and goes good in so many different kinds of food!

But really, there are a lot of different foods that have calcium in larger amounts than dairy milk. Soy milk does, but it tastes kind of funny in a bad way if it isn’t flavored and has high estrogen levels. I like almond milk a lot, especially Silk Purealmond Vanilla, which is sweet and great to drink by itself or in coffee. I like making chocolate milk from scratch with it because you don’t need to add nearly as much sugar or any vanilla.

But nuts also have a decent amount of calcium, especially almonds. Making your own trail mix with almonds and home-dried fruit and veggies (which you can cut into pieces and bake in the oven for 3 hours at 210 degrees) is the healthiest snack around.

Now, is the milk industry and the government in cahoots? I don’t think it’s as bad or intentional like a true conspiracy. I do, however, see how mis-information can spread and gain power of its own. I just think that there is so much bout nutrition that we don’t know, we need to research things for ourselves a little more.

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