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What I’ve Learned About Myself and Physical Fitness: An Update on my own Goal


I’m terrible at self-denial, is what I’ve learned about myself in the past month. Nearly a month ago I wrote this blog about New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting. In that blog I set myself a goal of losing 30 lbs by August. Well… here are my excuses so far:

1) I got a cold that was so bad I even missed work.

2) My manager at work quit, so I’ve been working nearly full time to cover the empty space he left.

3) I’m lazy.

The third one is actually true, though the other two did take a lot of the wind out of my sales and instead puffed me full of hot air. It also brought into focus the fact that I am not very good at denying myself the things I want, and that I really need help if I want to start exercising regularly.

I’ve found a couple things that have helped me out over the past week. Yes, I really started working out on Wednesday of this past week, and I’ve got my darling phone as my constant workout/logging companion. This has been both a blessing and a curse, so let me describe to you everything I have done over the last five days.

First, I have actually been logging my intake on Because I have been bad (i.e. Lazy) I have actually gained 3 lbs, and thus I am allowed to eat more calories. I also discovered that the My Fitness Pal app can link with a whole bunch of other apps and electronic devices, so I started a MapMyWalk account and linked it to My Fitness Pal, so when I map my walk (which is nice and free) it automatically logs it onto My Fitness Pal for me!

Unfortunately, I have some yoga pants that I like to wear for walking that don’t have pockets. I also have a pair of shorts whose pockets aren’t big enough to hold a bottle of water. Also, we couldn’t find the fanny pack because I’m sure I threw it away when Mom wasn’t looking. So… I made a Bat Belt out of some random material I happened to have on hand. It looks pretty stupid – no sure if it’s any better than a bright red fanny pack – but it has a pouch for water, a pouch for my phone, and a pouch for my keys and my inhailer. The picture above is of me wearing it. And, yes, I’m still proud of it! I don’t have to carry any of that stuff in my hands now!

But, the thing that I have found most helpful is a website called It is a website made by a married couple, both of whom are professional fitness trainers, and they post workout videos you can watch for completely free! You can purchase workout programs for about $7 each, but they wanted to give people access to quality workout and health information for no cost. The workouts I’ve done are killer and super-effective, and so far I’ve made my own workout plan by searching through their full-length workout videos and putting them on the calendar available on my profile. They have a pretty awesome 5 Day Free Challenge for Busy People as well as a bunch of smaller workouts that have helped me to lose 2 lbs in 5 days!

I’ve also gotten a few other apps that I use as workout fillers: Daily Workouts and GymFrame. I also have a few Denise Austin and Rodney Yee workout DVDs for days when I want something different. I think that if I manage to do at least 10 minutes of workout, I may be able to maintain this momentum I finally managed to accrue!

So, this is what’s been working for me. What works for you???

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