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Just Do It! Why to Avoid Procrastination


I’m a professional procrastinator! I start on projects early so that I can take lots of breaks and watch lots of TV shows without finishing my projects late. I have done a lot of projects last minute, even arriving late to presentations because I had problems printing twenty-five page papers. I have been so stressed about whether or not a paper was good enough that I have lost days worth of sleep. Procrastinating isn’t good.

But you say that you work best under pressure! That your papers just don’t have that magic touch unless you were stressed!

No… no, they really could have been better.

Procrastinating on studying leads to all-nighter cram sessions that leave you too tired to think clearly. Writing a paper so last-minute that you didn’t proofread it leaves a lot of grammatical errors that will irritate your teacher and drop your grade by a few crucial points. Arriving late to meetings make you look lackadaisical and like you really don’t care for your job.

There also comes a point where putting off things you don’t like just gets old, and eventually those things just need to get done. So… just do it! If you just do that thing you don’t like, then you’ll do it right and you won’t be living under the stress of having not done it yet. You’ll look professional, reliable, and mature. Also, it will reduce the stress on your boss or your teammates because you will be the only member of your team who is completely hassle-free.

If only everyone was as easy to work with!


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