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It’s Tough to Get a Job!


I’ve found myself in a tough spot a time or two over the last few years. I graduated with my Bachelors in the fall of 2009 with a concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and I expected to get a job right away. Ignore the fact that my job experience included working as a Reader who helped a teacher for under twelve hours a week for one semester, about four years as a Box Office assistant for a live theater at my JC, and one year as a barista, also at a college. In fact, five-ish years later I am still a barista, although now I work for a company that is not located on a college campus. I am one class away from getting my MBA in Marketing, and my only marketing experience is what I’ve gotten for myself by gigging around as a consultant and one job as a survey administrator.

My Fiancé has had it worse, because he washed out of his masters program a few years ago and is just now re-starting his education in a completely new field. No one ever told us in all the years we’ve spent getting our higher education that an education does not necessarily equal a job. I never had a problem with people telling me it would be easy – in fact, nobody ever told me if it would be easy or hard getting a career-type job – but nobody ever told me of the challenges involved in planning for my future. This video didn’t exist when I graduated from high school, but I wish someone had shown it to me.

That is why this piece of advice I give you is so important: Choose to do something that you couldn’t live without, and research the hell out of it. This is actually what my fiancé did. Originally he wanted to be a psychologist because he thought the human mind was interesting. The thing is, he’s just not talented when it comes to dealing with people. But now, he’s started taking classes in computer science, and he’s working on getting his Bachelors in Computer Networking and Security. It makes sense for him considering that he’s been surrounded by computers his entire life.

But I’m not saying that the road of life won’t take you in a different direction than you originally thought, even if you do research and find the perfect path for you. My mom became a musician because she couldn’t live without band in her day. One of her teachers told her that Trumpet players are a dime a dozen, so she picked up the French Horn and made some money gigging around. Somehow she got her credential and fell into teaching, which she retired from just a couple years ago. In fact, she was my band teacher, and she had a true gift for dealing with evil (aka difficult) middle school students. She never foresaw herself as a teacher when she was a kid, but it was a calling she fell into.

But for those of us who have found our calling but it hasn’t led anywhere yet, I have another piece of advice: don’t give up, and get creative. With so many jobs being shipped overseas and the employment crisis we are still feeling from the 2008 housing market crash, it takes a lot of perseverance and dedication to get a job in your field. I was so disappointed in 2009 when I was looking for jobs and entry-level positions required 5 years of experience. Well, I have now done several marketing projects on my own, I am starting my own side business, I got people to take surveys for a year, and now I have my MBA. I can sell that! I couldn’t get a job that would give me experience? I gave myself some experience! A little creativity can go a long way. Creativity and a little bravery.

I’m so sorry that things are so hard, but if they weren’t do you think you would feel so good about your achievements? Good luck on your future. I wish you all the best!


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