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This one isn’t so much a piece of advice, but more my thought process. I’ve been in a bit of a health kick lately, so I’ve been going to the gym, going to dance class, and counting my calories. I’ve got this cool food journaling app called My Fitness Pal that makes it easy for me to log my food and keep to a calorie regime and a gym buddy to keep me on track. And, no, I’m not a nutritionist or in any way know what the hell I’m talking about.

But, in working at a coffee shop and all the weird things that people put into their bodies in the name of health, it kind of makes me wonder what’s really healthy. I mean, I was looking at the syrups and noticed that, yeah, the sugar free syrups don’t have sugar per-se, but they have hidden sugars (if the long name of a chemical has sucra or fructa in it, it’s actually a sugar) and they have three times the salt. Is that any healthier? It isn’t if you have high blood pressure. I’ve been telling customers that the healthier option is to get the regular syrup, just put less of it and wean yourself on to a plain latte.

Also, non-fat. My brain eats fat. So do my muscles. Our bodies, if I recall correctly from high-school biology, turns the fat we eat into energy and sugar into fat. Is going fat-free really good for you? Also, coincidentally, “whole milk” as we call it isn’t really whole milk. It’s actually graded at 3% milk fat. The top layer of milk straight from the cow (and pasteurized, to prevent Scarlet Fever and other nasty illnesses) becomes butter and buttermilk. The second layer becomes heavy cream. That leaves the rest as “whole” milk, which becomes the various grades of milk once it has been further processed.

Personally, I don’t like milk, so I guess it’s a bit of a moot point for me. I’ve just heard that the vitamins in it are too simple for our adult systems, so we break down most of the nutrition in it before we can absorb it. However, Soy isn’t necessarily any better. It’s got protein, but I’ve heard that soy protein isn’t necessarily compatible to our bodies, and any Calcium in it cannot be absorbed because of competing vitamins and minerals. I like almond milk a lot, and from what I hear you can actually absorb the calcium and protein better. I guess that isn’t any better for people with nut allergies, though.

But then I was thinking about all the things we think of as healthy, and really aren’t. Quiche is considered healthy, because it’s an egg pie with veggies in it. And Half-and-half. One piece is a million calories, and that’s after you’ve skipped the crust. It’s probably better to eat a veggie breakfast burrito.

I also noticed that the Paleo diet is the same as the Atkins… with more nuts. Basically, don’t eat bread! Now, don’t eat rice, either.

So, I’m wondering what is really healthy? There’s a lot to this subject, and I suppose the best thing would be to cut carbs, eat more veggies, make sure you know what compounds you put in your body, and be sure to consume plenty of calcium, protein, and Vitamin D.

Yeah… that sounds easy…

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