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10 Tips For Attracting Better Men


I love this author! You can find a lot of James Michael Sama’s articles on his blog at, which he updates daily. He’s got exactly the romance philosophy that I do, and even though he will gear specific posts to a specific gender with a stronger slant toward a male audience, the information tends to be good regardless of gender.

James Michael Sama

If this is your first introduction to my writing, I unfortunately feel that I need to give a disclaimer: The majority of my articles, since I am a man, are focused around suggestions on how men can become better and live better lives. So please do not get the impression from this article that I intend to tell women how to act or am critical of the opposite gender.

That being said, many questions I get online and in person when participating on panels, are from women about why they can’t find a good man. Where are they? Are they really looking for a relationship or are they just putting up a facade to get what they want, and then leave?

I can tell you from multiple conversations with good men that they are out there. They are genuine, and they will willingly accept the right woman into their lives…

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