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The NutriBullet Review


I’d never heard of the NutriBullet until my Sweetie got me one for Christmas last year. I had wanted a juicer, and he hadn’t realized that juicing wasn’t the same as blending (and he swears I had asked for a NutriBullet by name when I’d never heard of one before). As a result, I have this thing which isn’t what I wanted to do with what I didn’t want to do. So… here is my decision on it:

It’s a nice blender. It cost about $100, and it is very high-powered. It’s so powerful that it will liquefy fruit and veggies within a minute, and you don’t need to cover everything with water and ice, although some liquid is required. You can make your own nut flower, it can grind herbs, nuts, and seeds, and it comes with two different blades, three cups, and some different lids and mouth attachments. Pretty decent deal already, even if my other blender only cost $30 at Target.

It even comes with a booklet of NutriBlast recipes. These recipes all taste pretty meh, even if they are healthy. Basically, you fill half the cup with leafy greens of some type, fill the other half with as many different fruits as possible, add a handful of nuts (for protein), fill to the max like with water, top with the blade attachment and blend until the motor pitch changes. It’s healthy, but it doesn’t taste like Jamba Juice.

So, here’s what I do to have a very healthy smoothie that actually tastes good. First, I use barely any leafy green lettuces, if I use any at all. They taste pretty meh, and I eat them later in my day. I always add a banana and any fresh fruit I happen to have, but the frozen fruit packages from the grocery store not only taste delicious but they also make my smoothie cold! I also add almonds for protein and some Omega-3 fatty acids. Then I put about a tablespoon or two of honey, which has antihistamine-like properties, and fill with either low-fat milk or almond milk (or coconut milk, which isn’t so bad if you can’t taste it and it gives you the most calcium).

My big problem with NutriBullet smoothies is that they are surprisingly high in calories – usually around 300-500 calories, depending on how I make them that day – and they don’t stick with me until my next meal. They are meant to be a meal replacement, but I noticed that they stay in my stomach better if I drink it with a small slice of multigrain toast or an egg. I feel that having something that requires chewing helps the smoothie stay in my stomach longer, but I still tend to have my next meal within three hours of consuming my smoothie.

Have any of you guys tried using a NutriBullet yet? What was your experience? Am I the only one who felt so let-down?


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