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A Little Bit of Makeup


When I had Mono a few years ago I got so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired that I put on my best suit, did up my hair, put on my makeup, and went to watch my Taekwondo class so I could learn what I needed for the next belt test. I felt better. I learned the moves. When I was finally allowed to rejoin contact sports I barely had to practice before I took my test.

I noticed that happens to me a lot, not just when I’m feeling sick. Today I wore makeup to work – something I hate doing because it makes my face feel funny – and even though things were crazy and my coworker was tired and snippy I managed to keep my cool. I looked pretty, and I wouldn’t let anybody ruin my pretty!

So… ever had a day you knew would just be bad, and you knew it the day before? Leave time for yourself to read a book the night before. Have a tough meeting you need to nail? Wear your best lipstick! Meeting a new client that will make or break your career? Take the time to iron your shirt and pick up your best suit jacket from the dry cleaners. When you feel good about yourself, you project your good feelings to everyone with whom you speak. Bad feelings spread in ripples, but so do good feelings! Make sure you feel good, even if you have to do a 20 minute face mask, put cucumber slices on your eyes, and take a lavender scented bath at the end of the day (though if you have to do that more than once or twice a week you may want to think about priorities, goals, and if your job is worth the stress).

When I head into a bad day I like to dress my best! What do you do so you can get through it?


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