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Animal Friends: the Commitment to Save


About 3.5 years ago I had a big day where two magical beings came into my life. One was the boy who is now my Fiancé. The other is my parents’ cat. Animals make a wonderful addition to any family, adding a dynamic of care and fun that I find seems to be missing in many animal-free homes. Where you get your new pet is always an important fact to consider, because this being is going to be a part of your family for round abouts of a decade.

The purebred argument: you know what you are getting. Not true, although many breeds have their tendencies. Personally, having dog sat many pure breeds, I see mostly problems with sensitive tummies. Each breed has its own personality quirk and problems because of too much inbreeding. They tend to be more expensive, although they do have pure-breed animal shelters such as Animal League. However, by only looking at pure breeds you may be missing the mutt for you!

Mutts are fun. Their digestive systems tend to be hardier, they tend to take on the best and the worst classic attributes of their breeds, and no two are exactly alike. I have seen a Great Dane eat poop and then promptly puke it back up, and then I saw his cute little Pit Bull mix (who was just like I Love Lucy) eat poop, and then grass, and then a treat, and then her dinner and she was fine. Great Danes are considered old at 7, while Lucy lived to be 15.

There are many great places to get a dog. The ASPCA is, of course, the go-to place. Pets-Mart often has an animal rescue section, and if not Animal Friends can often be found in a pet store trying to find homes for their wards. Furry Friends Rescue is a great place in the Bay Area, as is A Passion for Paws.

I posted a lot of links in that last paragraph for a reason. Even if you aren’t ready to get a kitty or pooch right now – and lets face it, it is a commitment of time and money – donations really do help these places stay open. Donations don’t have to be financial. They can be as simple as offering to walk a dog twice a week. Any help will be really appreciated!

What was the best pet you ever had? Mine was Spike! He was an Australian Shepherd mix who helped to raise me. He was super smart – he figured out how to sneak out of his pen by climbing the chicken wire fence when my mom wasn’t looking!


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