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Big Question: How Forward Should You Be With Boys?


I ask this question on behalf of my Sweetie’s cousin. She found a boy that she likes, and she was going to go through an intermediary in order to find out if he likes her. My Sweetie gave her the advice to just ask him herself. Then, their grandmother said not to do that because it would make the cousin look like a slut for being too forward.

So… Seriously? Being honest about your feelings turns you into a slut? If anything, by asking herself this cousin would get a real answer unbiased by the intermediary’s interpretation. It got me thinking; I’m a very forward person. I asked my Sweetie for his number first. I told him that I wanted him to propose to me. I let him know in my totally un-subtle way that I wanted a ring (I had a coupon for a jeweler and told him that it was a great time to buy now that he’d had a few months to save up, and we got a great deal and stayed in budget!) By being open my wishes become known and people know where they stand with me. It also doesn’t hurt that I appreciate honesty, so people know they can be just as honest with me.

Honesty and forthrightness actually help me at work, too. I don’t go around spreading rumors about coworkers behind their backs. I may double check on rules and regulations to make sure that I’m getting accurate information because sometimes there is a breakdown in communication and it is hard to figure out who has the most recent information, but as a rule I don’t spread rumors. I may not outright tell people I don’t like them, but when my supervisor gives me a ridiculous order I obey while telling him that it irritates me. I know I irritate him back because I can recite health code just as easily as he can and therefore can call BS on him 😀 It’s an honest working relationship!

But I seriously doubt that by being honest and forward in my personal and professional life I have ever been called a slut. If anything, I feel that by being honest and open it cuts down on the chances of people misinterpreting my actions and labeling me incorrectly. Because, lets face it, whether it is politically correct or not we label people. I feel its only really bad when the label is incorrect, which is more likely to happen with cagey people.

Am I completely out there with my opinion? What do you guys think? Be honest! I can take it!


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  1. Andrew permalink

    I think this is a well constructed opinion! If more people would be as honest and open as you encourage, more people could progress onto the next step of excellent communication: tactfulness.

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