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Staying in Someone Else’s House


Quite frequently lately, a bunch of people have been asking me to dog sit. Part of that job is taking care of their homes, and a large part of it is sleeping over with the dog. As a result, I have come up with some ways to keep my clients pleased, and this works whenever you have to stay at someone else’s house.

1) Keep the house clean. Its easier to leave a clean house if you don’t let it get dirty.

2) Leave a clean house. You should always leave a house cleaner than it was left to you. If it is dirtier, the homeowner will be angry and if it’s just the same then they won’t be impressed.

3) Clean the house before you leave. This includes light dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the sinks and the toilet you used, doing the dishes and taking out the trash. For complete rules on cleaning a house you can click here for my blog on cleaning a house, but never fear! You don’t have to do aaaalllll of that, just the basics.

4) Gather all of your stuff. Make that one last check around the house, in the bathroom, and in the fridge for any items you may have forgotten. Usually this is the last thing you do before you leave.

5) Leave the homeowners something to eat. This isn’t a requirement, but after a long day of travel, it’s always nice to come home and not have to cook anything. Hell, I’m super lazy so I don’t want to cook for a whole day. But if my house sitter left me a meal, I certainly wouldn’t complain! I’d think “What an entrepreneur!” Click here to read my blog from a couple days ago where I talk about cleaning the corners of a classroom.

Ultimately, whatever the reason that you are staying in someone’s house, there is a code to uphold when returning the house to the owners. Give it to them better than they left it to you, and they will be beyond happy. They will probably keep you in mind for the next time they leave. They may even give you a tip!

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