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The Perks of Looking Professional in an Unprofessional World


Have you ever been on the other side of a job interview, where you were the interviewer asking questions of the person looking for work? I was once, and I noticed that I wasn’t surprised that a lot of the people looking for jobs were looking for jobs. People would come to the interview dressed in nice clothes and flip flops, would chew gum during the interview, and sometimes wouldn’t even show up without the courtesy of a phone call. These are very unprofessional behaviors that should not be done in the business world even after the interview. In fact, looking professional when it isn’t expected of you will really impress people.

If you want a dress code for an interview, please click here. However, I’ve noticed that not all people expect me to look nice all the time. The fact that I wore a suit to my coffee shop interview really impressed the man who became my boss for four years. Coffeehouses are notorious for their semi-professional expectations, so I dressed to impress, and I did!

But not all situations call for a truly professional look. I dog sit for a lot of friends and friends of friends. I get the feeling that most people meeting me for the first time expect me to be wearing shorts and flip flops, but instead I wear black pants, dress sandals, and a nice top. It creates a good impression so that people find me trustworthy. I just have to be careful not to make faces while dressed up. Apparently it’s a bit scary.

Basically, I want to imprint the importance of looking good for first impressions. It is never a bad thing to be overdressed. In fact, being under dressed is the bad thing, no matter what you do. Has it worked that way for you so far?


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