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The Key to Being Romantic


I guess I have a bit of a warped view of romantic, because a lot of that traditional “romantic” stuff never seems to really pan out for me. I read a lot of fan fiction, and it drives me nuts when the authors put a perfect first date because I know that if I tried to have a dinner picnic under the stars it would be cold and damp, and we’d probably have a cop find us and move us along because having a picnic in a park under the stars is a little weird in my neighborhood. Perfect “romances” are overrated.

Besides, I’ve noticed that when things happen in a relationship that work out – however they work out – tends to be a romantic story itself.

Take my old Drama teacher: she had a horrible first date. They guy saw her eyelash curler, an item which he didn’t know what it was. He got disgusted, asking her how she could leave a “tampon applicator” out on the counter. Then he forgot his money, so she had to scrounge in her car for change. Now they’ve been married for XX years and have two children who are in their teens, so I guess it worked out.

Or take my grandparents: My grandfather immigrated to the US in the late 1930s when he was 17 in order to dodge the Italian draft. He met my grandmother in an Italian community in Michigan right after, with his head shaved bald because of lice prevention. He kept asking her out, but she kept saying “no” for a long time before she finally relented. They dated for 5 years with my grandmother’s cousin acting as chaperone until they married in 1941.

Then there’s a really romantic story: my parents were both band teachers in Michigan, and their respective schools were attending a marching band competition. My dad was running the whole thing and my mom was assigned to him as a gofer, but my Dad didn’t believe my mom was a band teacher because she was too pretty! They were also dating other people, but in the end wound up dating each other. Heck, Dad had to propose to my mom three times before she believed he was serious! It’s the stuff that crappy romance novels are made of 😀

But what I’m trying to say is, what is “romantic” is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t like things to be “perfect” or “traditional” because I think perfection doesn’t truly exist and what is traditional makes for a boring story. If you would like to read fan fiction that I wrote a few years ago, and if you don’t mind reading about a budding homosexual relationship, you can go to to read my story “Shacking Up.” There’s a first date in there that is plenty awkward and, I think, a little funny. It isn’t traditional – in fact its a failure – but what makes it romantic is the fact that things worked out.

Tell me about something romantic that happened to you! It could be funny or silly, or a little painful or inspire an “awwww!” What made you feel that warm and happy feeling???


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  1. For me, romance is just going that extra mile. Walk the girl to her car, send her a text to make sure she got home ok, take her outside to talk alone for a minute after a night with friends.

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