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Runny Nose


No, I’m not a doctor or a nurse or anything medicine related; I’m just a person who has major allergies and was sick a lot as a child.

When you have a runny nose: blow your nose into a soft tissue. Get the good stuff since the cheap crap will rip the skin off your nose faster and give it a good blow. Then, apply some Blistex to you schnozz.

I swear this makes sense, because Blistex is medicated, and what is good to soften and protect the thin skin of your lips is good for the skin of your nose. It acts like Vaseline because it is oil-based and creates a layer between your sensitive nose and the evil tissue, it helps soften the chapped-ness of your nose from past abuse with a tissue, and the menthol scent will momentarily clear your sinuses. Plus, its cheap and can be found at drug stores and convenient stores.

Then, wash your hands – there’s no point in making yourself sicker than you already are or getting anyone else sick. After that, apply lotion since you will probably be washing your hands a lot.

Don’t forget to throw your tissues in the garbage immediately after use. It’s gross if you don’t (and what would your mother say?!?!?)

And, for Pete’s sake, take your antihistamine and your decongestant!

Hope you feel better šŸ˜€


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