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Musings On Smell


I swear I’m not being creepy, but I just had a thought: guys like sweet smells and girls like musky smells. It makes sense, just hear me out.

Girls typically wear sweet or flowery perfumes (at least, traditionally we do). Perfumes are strongly scented and colognes have a milder scent, so it only takes a few spritzes of perfume to create the scent of several sprays of cologne and last a million times longer. Whichever type of application you choose, have you ever noticed that most scents for women are based off of either fruit or flowers? I like this Sensual Amber scent that I got from Bath and Body Works, which is basically a lotus scent with a touch of musk (they say sensual pink lotus wrapped in amber, but I’ve noticed that dried sap doesn’t have much of a smell). My mom likes Estee Lauder scents, which are very strong and smell of flowers as well.

Now, I like those smells and I like smelling sweet because I feel pretty when I do, but I’m not attracted to anyone else wearing similar smells. If anything, if I find a scent I like I ask about it so I can find it for myself. My boyfriend, however, always notices when I wear cologne (because I don’t wear it very often) and the one he likes the most is a particularly sweet one I wear called Beautiful Day, also by Bath and Body Works. I swear they haven’t paid me to promote them, but I can’t resist a sale and their stuff lasts forever! This Beautiful Day scent goes on smelling like watermelon, but as it dries the scent changes to sweet flowers, and then again to a subtler musky flower scent. I’ve noticed that a lot of the guys I know like it when my girlfriends and I wear those kinds of scents.

As for me, I like smelling musky and spicy scents. Allspice is lovely. It smells good and fits my idea of a masculine scent. I’d wear it, but it doesn’t really fit me (and the people at checkout think I’m buying it for my boyfriend, which I’m too much of a cheapskate to do). But from all the novels and fan fictions I’ve read that have been written by women – and there have been waaaay too many of them – the male protagonist usually smells like something intangible (like sunshine or storms) and either spice or musk. Usually musk. We girls are attracted to that smell, so guys wear it to attract us.

So what do you wear to attract someone? If you want to draw a guy wear a sweet smell. If you want to draw a girl, wear musk.


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