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Knowing When It’s Time to Quit


Getting hired is such a wonderful feeling. Each time I’ve been hired I thought, “This is going to be the best job ever!” Then, when it turns out its not I’m forced to do one of two things: deal with it or quit. People can deal with a lot. Most jobs involve a certain amount of stress, strife, and grief. However, when things go particularly bad it’s time to let it go. This is a very difficult subject to talk about, so I’m going to give you a few examples of situations where it would be good to quit.

Recently I had to quit my job. It was a job working in a movie theater trying to get people to do surveys. The company had a completely top-down communication style, and my manager was a complete nincompoop. He was a follower with extremely low self-esteem dealing with a company that did not understand the demographic needs of our theater (most of our patrons were over 50, but our quota rarely went over the age of 49, for example). Corporate would apply pressure to my manager, and he would apply pressure to us, but he wouldn’t be there to support us. In fact, the guy ditched most of his shift and he was always late.

It came to the point where I couldn’t stand my unreliable manager. I made one half-hearted attempt to corrale my co-workers and the assistant manager to gather everyone into a coup d’etat, but because one coworker would never write a letter to HR we couldn’t make any changes because everyone needed to write a letter and then sign a petition and we could get him ousted. So, I left. I needed something more reliable, especially since there was one month where I only made $57, and I only received one pay stub in my whole 5 month tenure there.

A friend of mine has been working for this startup company as a programmer. He’s been working there for about half a year, and they only paid him the advance he was promised, but not the several thousand dollars he’s earned sense then. This job gives him great experience, but there isn’t any money for him to be paid. He also has several other people asking him to work for them, and they have the money to pay him! I told him to just quit. He can count the money he hasn’t been paid as a donation on his taxes and get it that way. Howeveer, my friend is very nice and doesn’t want to just leave, so I suggested that he contact his boss and tell him that he needs to be paid. If he doesn’t start getting his money soon he’s going to quit.

A co-worker of mine at my barista job was taking on too much. She had school, club activities, homework, a social life, and now this job. She couldn’t handle the stress. Fortunately, she didn’t need the money because I still sell her coffee most days. She looks a lot better, like she gets enough sleep at night, and she’s found love. I can’t fault her for that.

Basically what I’m saying with these examples is that when things become intolerable, it’s okay to quit. Hopefully you do it well without any hurt feelings and for good reasons, like abuse or a lack of wages or having a better job lined up, and I hope you have another job lined up! Trust me when I say that unemployment is such a pain. Make a wise decision, and I wish you well.


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