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Everyone must have a good first date. The first date lets you know if you want to have a second date with that person! It’s the first step in the getting-to-know-you phase of any relationship. But what do you do on your first date? How can you make sure that everything will go right?

Well, you can’t make everything go right unless you are the author of a fan fiction. Something will go wrong, and it really is only a matter of when. That doesn’t mean that something will go horribly wrong and you’ll end up in the hospital or something (although that did happen to my paretns on their first date with each other). In fact, I’ve never heard of a first date that went perfectly. Mine didn’t. My best friend’s never have. My high school drama teacher… I find it impressive that she married the guy.

Seriously, he went to pick her up, and he thought her eyelash curler was a tampon applicator and he asked her why she had it just lying there on the sink. I believe they were late for their dinner reservation or something, and then he forgot his money, so my teacher had to scrounge for change in the floorboard of her car to pay for their meal. I think that’s the worst first date I’ve ever heard about.

But what can you do to minimize the chance of something like that happening? Well, check to make sure you brought your wallet and that you have enough money. Then, make sure your first date is simple.

Now, I do not mean to make it so simple she doesn’t remember it. Don’t bring her to your house to meet your parents (and in my boyfriend’s defense, I wasn’t there to meet his parents and he didn’t realize that it was a date. I wasn’t so sure of that, myself) because that’s moving a bit too fast. Instead, take him or her (yes, I said him since I’m a girl who sometimes takes guys out) someplace that you know. For example, there are a few hole-in-the-wall restaurants I frequent, so taking someone there is a guaranteed way to know that the food will be good. Even if i get stood up at least I know I will enjoy myself.

Going out to eat is a good idea. Going to the movies is kind of hit or miss. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, so I think I scared a guy when I asked to go so the third Bourne movie. Awesome movie, by the way. The guy I was with… not so awesome. If you go out to the movies, make sure you have a movie you both agree on picked out in advance. That way the only way it blows is if the movie sucks.

Dinner an a movie is a classic, but it’s been done waaaay too many times. Its a classic that will always do, but it isn’t necessarily exciting. Coffee is also a good go-to. Don’t go shopping, though, unless you want to become the guy or girl they go to when they want new stuff. It’s a bad precident, and you shouldn’t be held to it if things in your relationship go poorly.

Activities are always good, though. Bowling may not be cool anymore, but it is a fun way to pass the time. You get to see how competitive he is, or how apathetic she really is. It also gives you guys the chance to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Other ideas include wine tasting (assuming you guys like wine, although it isn’t as expensive as it sounds), playing tennis, painting pottery, going to a tea house (assuming you can afford a tea house, since it usually runs around $50 or so for two people) going dancing (another classic) going to a local concert, going to a club, or going on a picnic. Doing something allows a starting topic for the conversation. From there you may be able to tell if she’s good for you or not.

Try not to go anywhere or do anything that doesn’t allow for conversation. The concert I mentioned before was meant to be something like seeing a friend play in a coffee house or watching the local community band play in a nearby park. If it’s too loud then you can’t talk, and if you ccan’t talk then it isn’t intimate or personal. You’re there to get to know them, and to allow them to get to know you. If you do decide to play lazer tag or go paintballing, then be sure to take them somewhere afterward that will allow you to talk. The backbone of all relationships is communication, as many love gurus will tell you.

My first date with my current boyfriend (together for two years now) was not really a first date. We hadn’t officially set it up as a first date, and we only established that it was a date about 3/4ths of the way through. First, he was 30 minutes late – he couldn’t find his keys. Then we ate at a local fast food joint – he paid because he was so late. Then we went to his place, as per our plan, to wat the Batman Beyond movie. Afterward we talked. While talking, I brought up my nephew (who is three years older than me) and how he was five hours late to a date once – a complicated story for another time when I’m completely sure of the details. This made my date wonder if this was a date – I’d only brought up that story to find out if it was a date because it felt like a date. We agreed it was a date. Now, we celebrate that day as our anniversary (mostly because I have no idea what the date was for our second date, which is the one where we officially became girlfriend/boyfriend).

Basically, my point is that you should concentrate on having fun and spending time with this potential life-mate. You’ll have time for romantic dinners under the stars once you know each other better and you can anticipate problems better. Until then: good luck and have fun!


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